Make Your Own Wedding Rings

in a private workshop in my Portland, OR studio


Imagine, every time you look down at your wedding ring, knowing that your partner made it with their own two hands…

Introducing “Make Your Own Wedding Ring Workshops” in the Buffalo Lucy studio!

Spend a day with me in my studio and I’ll guide you and your partner (or partners, or hey, just you!) step by step through the process of making your own wedding rings. I’ll be there, guiding you every step of the way. No prior experience required.

Workshop slots are six hours but many couples finish their rings in four or fewer. In most cases you’ll leave at the end of the day with your finished rings (some services, such as stone-setting, are completed by me after the workshop).

Actual wedding bands made during a workshop.

Actual wedding bands made during a workshop.


The full day private wedding ring workshop has a flat fee of $475.

This fee includes six hours of one-on-one instruction (you will be the only couple booked during your slot, so you’ll have my undivided attention), and the use of my studio and tools. The cost of the rings is additional and depends upon the metals chosen.

Metal Options:

Sterling Silver - Starting at $50 per ring

14k Gold - Starting at $140 per ring

18k Gold - Starting at $180 per ring

14k Palladium White Gold - Starting at $160

Stone setting fee starts at $100 (does not include the price of the stone).

Contact me for more information or book your slot now. Further instructions will follow by email.