Most sterling silver Buffalo Lucy jewelry has been intentionally oxidized, so it is best to not use any type of commercial jewelry cleaner or abrasive on it. Doing so will remove the dark patina and dramatically change the look of your jewelry. Instead, I recommend simply washing with mild dish soap between your fingers and allowing to air dry, or drying with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. 

As with any oxidized jewelry, the patina will evolve and change with wear and time. In my opinion this only enhances the rustic aesthetic of your piece. If, however, you should ever wish to have your piece re-finished and/or re-oxidized, please contact me.

Gold jewelry can be cleaned as above or with a jewelry polishing cloth. 

Items with a matte/satin finish can sometimes become shinier with daily wear (or improper storage ;) ), but the original matte finish can be brought back by gently brushing the item with a green Scotchbrite pad (found in the dishwashing section of your grocery store!).