She Persists


So, first of all I'll admit that I'd been in a bit of a post-election funk and feeling less than inspired in the studio. As I think I mentioned, we made another big international move over the summer from Vancouver, BC to Portland, OR and while I'm really loving Portland, the move took it out of me and then with the election results on top of that, it was about all I could do to just keep plugging away at the steady enough stream of orders I had coming in. I certainly wasn't feeling like putting any extra effort into expanding my business or creating new work. 

But then, something lit a fire in my soul and this line was born. The process of creating it and the absolutely incredible response it received has buoyed my creative passion and lifted me out of my dark place. Thank you, all of you beautiful rebels out there. You give me hope. ♥ 

PS. I am working as hard and as fast as I can to get all of these orders out, so if you're still waiting, please know that I haven't missed or forgotten about you! I'm sending them out in batches of about 15 a day and hope to be caught up by early next week. 


Better Late Than Never


Yep, it's been over a year since I've posted! 2016 has been a little crazy for me (and, well, I guess for a lot of people. Is it over yet?). Another international move (still in the PNW, thankfully! Hello, Portland, OR!), and a BIG house renovation project (maybe the subject for another blog altogether) underway, but I'm finally about ready to place some serious focus back on my business. I've been steadily plugging away at made-to-order pieces, but haven't had much time for my one-of-a-kind, ready-to-ship, more creative work. I'm really looking forward to getting back to that in the new year. And photography and blogging again. My creative soul misses it all quite deeply! 

Anyway! It's (past) time for my annual Holiday Order Deadline post! The great thing about being back stateside is that shipping to almost all locations is now much faster than it was when I was shipping from Canada. So you (especially those of you in the US) have a little more time to place orders and still get them before Christmas. Keep in mind that I have both made-to-order (most items in my shop at the moment) and ready to ship (just a few) items in my shop, so please consult my handy little chart here to determine the latest possible date you can order for guaranteed Christmas delivery:

In the meantime, I'll be elbow deep in house paint and sawdust (in addition to my usual silver and gold dust!), but will do my best to stay a little more connected! Happy Holidays! xo 

Holiday Order Deadline


Hey guys! Just a real quickie post because I need to get this out. Here are my order deadlines if you're looking for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Please remember that I have some products that are ready to ship and others that are made to order, so first determine which type of product you're ordering (it will be specified in the listing description), and then find the correct table in my handy-dandy chart here. Also, I'll be mailing all Canadian orders over $20 by XpressPost at no extra charge between now and Christmas, so if you live in Canada, and your order totals more than $20, you can go by the XpressPost order deadline. Finally, for you procrastinators (you know who you are!), I do offer a "Rush Processing" option which gets your made-to-order items out in 2 business days instead of the usual 7, it's available as an add-on in the etsy shop, just drop it in your cart along with your items. Any questions? Ask me!